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Perceptions Survey

The “perceptions survey” aims to explore awareness and knowledge of climate change among youth located across the Red Sea Arena in a globally comparative and comprehensive fashion. It will target high school and undergraduate degree students as an accessible and representative population of youth in the countries surrounding the Red Sea region, using an online self-administered questionnaire or, where necessary, phone interviews administered by a survey firm. In most countries, local internet access in major urban areas will be adequate for the survey’s scope.

                                                                  It will measure:

                                                                  (1) risk perception (personal, societal, and global)

                                                                  (2) knowledge (causes, impacts, and mitigation responses)

                                                                  (3) holistic effect

                                                                  (4) personal experience with extreme weather events

                                                                  (5) broad value orientations (biospheric, socio-altruistic, and egoistic)

                                                                  (6) social norms (descriptive and prescriptive)

                                                                  (7) mitigation response inefficacy

                                                                  (8) behavioral willingness (societal, personal, and advocacy index).

saudi students.jpeg


The minimum targeted sample size will be 400 participants from each country. This survey will be conducted in:

Somaliland, Djibouti, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, KSA, Yemen, Oman, and UAE

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